Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions

Be careful not to follow a 'Fatal Attraction'.
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it didn't amuse me i don't know why i even read it.
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20 things to do and 20 things not to do in
( relationships)

20 things not to do.

20 pay more attention to people who are of the same Gender only, or only your friends.
19 Start a fight that is only going to make the other cry because your being stupid about it.
18 Do not listen or compromise in anyway size or form
17 all ways believe that you are right and they are wrong.
16 pretend you know it all, and that the other is stupid
25 stalk them
14 FIGHT , but everything is there fault even though you are the reason for most of it.
13 Keep it in your head that its best for both of you when you haven't given much thought on the other.
12 don't back down even when the other has proven you completely wrong.
11 Don't bother to do anything but complain when the other forgets to do something.
10 Bite the others head off when you ask how was your day.
9 Say we don't talk anymore when your the reason why we don't
8 when they are trying to talk to you ignore them.
7 jump to your own conclusions, when the other one has clearly stated other wise.
6 try to make up for it a day after the fact.
5 forget a holiday or birthday really its the thought that counts a simple Happy what ever will do
4 Stop trying to do anything with the other one
3 Cheat on the other one.
2 Lie to the other one through your teeth, not en-clued ing white lies.
1 and the root of all evil is dwelling on the topic when it goes no ware

20 things to do

20 Try to make your points count when talking
19 Do little things, small thing you normally wouldn't do it keeps things interesting.
18 Make lists so no one forgets any important info.
17 take time out of your day to sit and have tea or something with them. ( we all like that)
16 Try not to take your spite out on them just because you had a bad day, they didn't cause it.
25 if the topic goes no ware then drop it keep it undecided.
14 not everything has to be black and white there is a grey line
13 show them you care a simple I love you out of the blue works
12 not dealing with a problem and working through it as is will only make it worse so buck up.
12 try to see there point maul it over in your head.
10 Keep in mind all couples fight it normal
9 keep in mind girls cry your not all ways the cause.
8 If i girl is crying try and figure out why, and if your the cause fix it, don't make them.
7 They do not have all the answers, neither do you keep that in mind
6 use reason with everything.
5 Do small things together, you don't have t spend a dime to watch a sunset or tv together.
4 Everyone likes to be held, hugged, kissed, inc, if your other half is clingy your not giving them enough
3 Keep in mind the other has NO control over other people, its not there fault they cant drive its yours.
2 If there is a problem fix it if you cant, work to make it look less broken
1 DO all 20 things on the what to do list and DO NOT DO ANY of the ones on the 20 not to do list.


If you do all 20 things and avoid the bad 20 things, and your relationship is on the rocks, SIT DOWN AND TALK AND ASK WHY WITH THAT PERSON. Don't just assume things on your own. ASSUMING can be broken down into a word that is you ( hint its the first three letters).


if something is bothering you you should talk about it to that person, ask them. Ask them what ever is bothering you 99% of the time you will get back a answer that will fix your way of thinking and or fix whats wrong. ASKING Q's is the root to solving all problems, its also the root of all good things, it can cause grief pain inc. lets face it the truth hurts, but the answer as much as it hurts can save your relationship. Or tell you its time to move on.


if you do not have a answer just tell them you don't, then express your self and why you do not have a answer. Also the questions that are not answered hurt the most, keep that in mind. I DO NOT KNOW can be worked through, I don't know why i tore up your favorite shirt, I am sorry but i just don't know what possessed me to do it. I just was so Angry or i wasn't thinking clearly i did it. Works wonders.

take that Yoda

Morgan burst out with laughter " there is nothing little about me."

Gage grinned " In invite Mars and Pluto cant leave out any of the Stars either. And the moon gotta have the moon."
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