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 Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations   Rules & Regulations I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 7:55 pm

~ Rules ~
- No Godmodding or powerplaying. If done the result will be banishment from this RP.
- Romance, language, and violence is allow. With the language please do not over do it, you will be warned if you are doing so and be given a chance to correct yourself.
- Please use your spelling and punctuation to the best of your ability.
- This is a semi-liturate RPG, so you are required to post a minimum of 3 sentances!
- Do not use text talk, it is very annoying and will not be tolerated in this RPG in or out of character.
- When transistioning out of character please use OOC: then type what you have to say. When transitioning back to your character skip a space and then put BIC: please do not use ( )'s or { }'s.
- Please do not use itallics or bold's to signify that your character is speaking. You must use quotation marks. If a character is saying something in their mind please use 'words here are to be itallisized' .
- Flamming other characters or members is not allowed.
- No advertising for anything in any of the Kingdoms topics there is a place for that and it is not here. If you don't know where that is feel free to PM me or the moderators.
- In this RPG all characters will be from the medieval era, no guns, electricity, ect. We use FIRE!!!!! lol and no we are not in the stone age.
- You are required to have a minimum of 2 characters one of each gender. You may have more and it is reckommended if you have more, just make sure you can keep up with them all.
- No creating creatures that have not yet been approved in the Creature Creation forum. All accepted creatures will be listed at the top of the page with their bio's down below.
- Please do not RP a character that has not yet been approved by me or one of my admins in the Character Creation forum. You may start to RP as soon as your character has been approved.
- Please no perfect characters everyone has flaw in real life and everyone will have flaws in RPGing, perfect characters are just plain annoying.

There are three races to choose from please create your characters according to their race. The number of characters in each race are not limited except for the Zion Elves. A few hand selected advanced active RPing members may have the permission to RP them. The races bio will be put in the territory where their main race is located. The dwarves live in Limbarda. Zion elves in the middle of Ellyllon Forest. Regular elves on the outer edges of Ellyllon Forest. Humans in the Havarna Plains, and the nomads in the Kamraz Desert. If you wish to want to add another race or creature to the Kingdom please post their bio in the Creature Creation forum and wait for them to be accepted. Not all will be accepted so please do not get affended if they are not. If you have any questions about anything reguarding the Kingdom please feel free to PM me I am more than willing to help you understand anything about it.
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Rules & Regulations
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