Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions

Be careful not to follow a 'Fatal Attraction'.
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 The Main Plot

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The Kingdom

In a different galexy on a different planet there lies a kingdom. It is the only one on this small planet and it is ruled by the renowned King and Queen. In the middle of the Kingdom is the wonderous city of Mithril. Here is where the King and Queen stay in their wonderous palace. The whole city is made out of the beautiful blu-ish silver mithril ore, making it a grand place to visit. North of the kingdom the is the cold white lands Limbarda, which is nothing but mountains and tundras of the north with few scattered forests. West of the kindgom is the Ellyllon Forest, full of trees of every kind and greenery beyond imagining. Its dwellers are mysterious and some are said to even be magical but it is not known for sure. To the south of the kingdom is the Kamraz Desert that is filled with rocky mountians and huge dunes. Finding water in this place is rare and only the natives know where to get water anyplace their at, no matter how dry. To the east the Havarna Plains filled with tall lush grasses and few but scattered trees. In some places these grasses go well over your head, if you don't know how to navigate through this sea of grass you can easily become lost.
In this wonderful world of humans, elves, dwarves, wraiths, unusual animals, ect. there is the good and there is the evil. The greed and lust for more is brewing in the hearts of the humaniods of the Kingdom. Some beleive that its time for a new ruler while others bevleive that everything should stay the same. When the Princess ends up disappearing one night the tensions arise and everyone must choose which side they want to be on. From what the Royals have descovered it looks as if she has been kidnapped. With the royal guard out in search for her, her being brought home is on the top of the King and Queens top priority. Now with the Kings and Queens main focus away from their enemy, it is the perfect chance to move in for the kill.
Whos side will you be on? Or will you be caught in the middle? The Kingdom is on the brink of chaos, what you choose will not only decide you fate but also others.
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The Main Plot
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