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 Ellyllon Forest: West

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~ Ellyllon Forest ~

Ellyllon Forest is a magnificent beatiful place, but along with that comes the harshness and rawness of life. It can be a wonderful place to live if you know how to survive in this tricky enviornment. It was first inhabited by no one and then the elves came, and thought that they could call this place home, sadly only few could do so. The forest seemed to pick and choose the strongest of heart and mind to live within it and that is why the elves only live on the outskirts of the forest where the dangers are far less. Only a few of the elves, chosen by the forest stayed within its deepest most parts and became brother and sister to it and the creatures who resided in it. They are known as the Zion Elves: Guardians of Ellyllon. They knew and understood the power of the forest and it was they who descovered the Sacred Falls. The Sacred falls lie within the heart of Ellyon Forest and the water contains the power of life that the forest bestows on those who have proven themselves worthy of it. The falls are sacred and everyone fears it for it is guarded by two beasts that are said to be sons of Ellyllon. Rivers and streams run throughout this forest, and there are many roads and paths that lie on the outer edges of the forest. There are no roads or paths that go straight through this forest for the heart of the forest is in constant motion, the trees themselves move. Almost all who dare to travel through the forest tand to the other side never complete their journey.

~Dwellers of Ellyllon Forest~
Elves: Immortal beings, that have a pale complection and are tall. They have ears the size of humans only the tips are pointed. The elves in the Kingdom do not possess magical powers, but do have hightened senses. They are wise probably due to the immortality and is the race that is the best a mastering healing techniques.
Zion ELves: They are the same as regular elves but they are slightly stonger faster and their senses are even more hightened. They have mental connection with the forest and all animals. They sometimes tend to be a little shorter than regular elves, about the same size as a human, and their skin is tanned. Their eyes have an unusual sheen to them that tends to reflect light like an animals does when light is shone into it. They do have more of a wild side.
Humans: Ok people must I really go into detail on these creatures.
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Ellyllon Forest: West
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