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 Limbarda: North

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~ Limbarda ~
This is located in the north of the Kingdom. In these winter lands 7 months of the year are spent with snow and icey mountains. Life here is rough and only one humanoid has managed to survive in Limbarda. The Dwarves. In the winter the Oynx Mountaians are always covered in snow and in the valleys most of the rivers are frozen over. The only place habitable for outsiders is within the underground fortress of Azeroth, where Anvilmar, King of the Dwarves rule. Azeroth is located deep within the mountains carved out by the dwarves. Up on the surface there are Carinox big burly horned creatures that are the main source of meated food for an carnivore creature. The main predator you have to worry about here is the Harqux; a large winged creature that preys on anything that moves. They are said to be large enough to carry off even the largest carniox. During the 3 moths of no snow the valleys of the Onyx Mountain are filled with lush green grasses and fruits. During this time all of the animals that dwell from within the moutains and ontop of them come down for a feast and stuff themselves for the harsh winter months to come.

~ Dwellers of Limbarda ~

Dwarves: The 'Earthen Brothers', one of the main three races. They are called dwarves due to their short and stocky size. The men are strongly build and are never seen without their beards in which they take pride in. The women also are short and stocky like the men but they do not have beards instead they prize themselves with long hair that they usually brain into intracate designs. There are three clans - the Bronzebeards, Wildhammers and Dark Irons - who live in Azeroth with King Anvilmar are their leader. They are usually rude and smell of ale but they do have strong couragous hearts that have a softness in them. They are all warriors at heart no matter what their occupation is. They are very strong and are known for their craftsmenship.
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Limbarda: North
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