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 Kamraz Desert: South

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Kamraz Desert: South Mystic12
~ Kamraz Desert ~
This desert is in the utmost southern part of the kingdom. With the Havarna Plains to its north eastrn corner and Ellyllon Forest to its nothwestern corner this desert is one of a kind. The sand here is tan but in some parts the sand is blindingly white as the sun reflects off of it. Throughout these lands there are black jagged rocks that rise from under the sand. The nomads rule this land with great pride. With their city still unknown to the outside world they are the most secretive/wery people of them all. This small oasis' here and there there is practically no water left in the desert. The nomads are the only ones who now the exact location and how to travel within the desert. There are a few tribes all over the desert, all with a love hate relationship. Either they are at war or a peace, the major city is Kaphmandi where the strongest tribe has taken residency.

~ Dwellers of Kamraz Desert ~
Nomads: Human like people but said to have the ability to harness the elements around them to do their bidding. They are sized like normal humans but their skin color is tan or a dark tan, they blend in perfectly with their surroundings. Blue and green eyes are rare to have and is a female nomad has green or blue eyes then they are treasure highly. These people make sure the location of water souces and the exact location of their main city is unknown to all outsiders. If outsiders are to be brought into the city they must be unconsious entering and leaving. Allot of the roaming nomads are mercineries or bounty hunters for those outside of Kamraz Desert.
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Kamraz Desert: South
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