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 Havarna Plains: East

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PostSubject: Havarna Plains: East   Havarna Plains: East I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 8:30 pm

Havarna Plains: East 44557710
~ Harvarna Plains ~
Harvarna Plains consists of a vast area of green rolling plains. In some places it is flat but in most there are rolling hills, with scattered trees. The plains border Limbarda in the north and the Kamraz Desert in the south. There are strangly large slabs of white rocks everywhere within these plains making it all the more interesting. The race that mainly inhabits this area out of the three main races are the humans. There are clans all over the plains but the largest of them all is the Feirrion clan. This clan practically rules these plains with many small clans in allegiance to it. The Feirrions created a stronghold out of the large white rocks, giving them a castle and a wall around the city to protect the people within. Here is where the Horion originated from and where they are numerous. The Feirrions are the main clan they breeds and raises the creatures. The grasses on the plains can range from the length of your ankle to well above your head so becarfull and don't get lost.

~ Dwellers of Harvarna Plains ~

Humans: Ok everyone know what a human is so I'm not explaining. Not to be raceist or anything but there are no dark colored humans. All the humans here ever have pale or tanned skin.
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Havarna Plains: East
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