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 The Kingdom Lands

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The Kingdom Lands Fantas13
~ The Kingdom Lands ~
The Kingdom's lands consist of four different territories.
Limbarda: the northern most territory that is snowy mountianous terrian where the Dwarves call their home. Ellyllon Forest: The middle western territory that consists of a dense mythical forest where the Zion Elves call home and the Elves take residence on the outer edges of the forest. Havarna Plains: The middle eastern territory that is made of grassy rolling hills with large white rocks scattered across the lands. This is where the Humans live. Kamraz Desert: A hot sandy place with jagged sharp black rocks that the Nomads have claimed as their own.
These territories all conjoin in the middle of the territory where there is a mixture of the territories. Trees, grass, cold climate in the winter and hot climate in the summer. This is where Mithril City is located. The city were the King and Queen of the Kingdom resides. On the outer edge of the kingdom is a large wall that stands as high as a mountain and is as thicker than any wall known to man. On the otherside of the wall is nothing, the world on the other side of the wall in inhabitable. Storms are too extream the weather is too severe. The ancestors of the people within the Kingdom built the walls to prtoect the people within. They decided to gather people from all of the races and as many animals as they could and they built the walls in around them to protect and to insure the survival of all the races. Together the founding fathers of the Kingdom decided on one King and one Queen to rule them all and to bestow on them the athority, power, and responsiblity to keep the people within the Kingdom safe from the outside world.

The Kingdom Lands Greyjo12
~ Mithril City ~
Mithril City is made up of the beautiful blue mithril stone that is both stonger than any stone and more beautiful than even gold. Here is where the King and Queen of the Kingdom rule. The Kingdom sits right next to the largest lake in the Kingdom which marks the exact middle of the Kingdom. With a white sandy beach and black cliffs the blue city is a great sight to see. With a outer wall into the city and an inner wall around the palace the Kingdom is heavily guarded in order to keep the rulers of the land safe.
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The Kingdom Lands
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