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 Guide to RP Creation

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PostSubject: Guide to RP Creation   Guide to RP Creation I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 18, 2011 5:36 am

Hello, person who is reading this guide! As you must have gathered, this is obviously a roleplaying site. However, roleplays don't create themselves-people do! And if people rely on others to create them, none will be. So you have to take initiative, and create a roleplay yourself!

Except...you don't know how. That's why you clicked on the guide, isn't it? Or maybe you know how, and just want a few tips. I'm happy to help!

First, you have to decide what your roleplay is about. Choose something original, something different. That will sometimes get views, as people are interested in trying something new. However, sometimes that doesn't work. When it doesn't, go to something you know is popular, but make sure to make it your own. If you want to create a Warrior Cats Clan roleplay (VERY popular), don't just choose GenericClan. Make it your own. Create a setting that you came up with, and make it seem real.

Setting is very important. If you do not explain exactly where the characters are, how will users be able to envision their environment? Pick a specific place. If you don't have a name, make one up or describe the scenery in detail. Detail is a must, and it should be memorable. Want it to take place in a jungle? Describe the jungle! Are they young trees, tall trees? Is it peaceful, or are their monsters lurking in it? The plot will take place there, and many people like to bring the scenery around them into the story.

This brings me to my next point. Plot! Why are the characters in that place? They didn't just fall out of the sky! Well, they might have, but that's besides the point. What is making the characters act the way they act? Don't just group them somewhere and hope something will happen, because nothing will. Give the characters motives! Perhaps there is a feud going on between two different races, and they hate each other. Maybe some people found a cavern full of jewels, only there are things guarding the jewels, causing the land to be engulfed in war. Make it, again, unique. Yours.

Set boundaries. If you want to make the roleplay realistic, state that. If you want it full to bursting with mythical beasts, write that down. Make sure the users know exactly what you want, or people will be putting in cats made of yogurt in there, just because you said "Anything goes." You want an age limit? Tell the users so they don't put 2 year olds and 98 year olds in just for fun.

Well, we might as well transition to rules now. Always provide a set of rules so users don't run amok. There are basic rules that everyone has, but you can add yours as you see fit, like how many characters you have or maybe something about keeping the genders even. I'll give you a set of rules that you can use, or not, but these are a good idea to have.

  • No Powerplaying. (This means no hitting every single time a character attacks, dodging every punch, or controlling how enemies react to attacks. Stuff like that.)
  • No Perfect Characters. (Makes it so no one has the best fighting skills, the best voice, the best power, the best looks, etc. Everything does not always go their way. They can be good, but so can everyone else.)
  • No Explicit Romance. (As the site rules state, no adult content. Romance is generally allowed, but going into detail is a no.)
  • No Overly Rp'ing With Yourself. (Makes it so users aren't ignored because people aren't busy making their own characters interact. They can interact, but it just doesn't expand roleplaying skills. Also, romance with your own characters doesn't make said characters develop and generally clogs up the rp.)
  • No Spamming. (Makes it so people don't advertise and post random things/clog up the rp.)
  • Password. (This is a suggestion, and makes sure that people have read the rules. You can give them a task, like copy one of the rules down and put it in the other section, or just say something random, like potato, so you know they read the rules to see the password. Not necessary.)
You can add more rules as you wish, like making it so characters don't hear everything or limits on powers.

Now, let's get to bios. You want to be able to visualize your character, and the characters of others. You can choose how to create it, but I'll just give you a sort of base.

Name: (You can choose if you want first and last name, just for fun.)
Age: (So people know how to respond to your character, respectful or little kiddish.)
Gender: (Very, very important. Enough said.)
Description: (You can go where you want with this. You can either request a text based description, giving the characters a chance to exercise their imagination, or pictures. Or both.)
Personality: (This is generally an iffy subject. Some people know who their character is before the start of the roleplay, so they put it. Some people enjoy developing it as it goes along, so you can choose optional. But having it there is a good thing.)
History: (You can do this to explain how characters got to where they were. Another iffy thing. If people don't like talking about their history, and would rather make it shocking/drama, that is a good point. Having it there is also a good option for more imaginative users.)
Other: (If people have things to say.)

Also, planning the literacy of your roleplay is a good idea. Some users do not enjoy joining a roleplay with one sentence posts, and would like to expand their skills. You can choose non-lit, which means that any users of any skill can join, Semi-Lit, which generally means one-two line (not sentences) posts, along with descriptions, or Literate, which usually is long posts, good description, and excellent writing skills.

That's enough for now. Good luck on your roleplay making, and have fun!

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Guide to RP Creation
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