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Fatal Attractions

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 Character & Creature Creation Sign-Up Forms

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PostSubject: Character & Creature Creation Sign-Up Forms   Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:52 pm

Bio Forms

Please start a new topic for each character.

Character Bio
Name: (Full name please)
Nickname: (What your character will go by in the RP)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: (Humans-normal; Nomads-normal; Dwarves-live at most till 200; Elves-immortal) (If a dwarf or elf please put what age they look like.
Race: (Human, Nomad, Dwarf, Elf)
Alliance: (The Kingdom, a band of Outlaws, Nuetral, ect)
Rank: (What rank are you in your society)
Description: (Must very detailed and be a minimum of 6 sentances)
Personality: (Must be detailed and be a minimum of 3 sentances)
History: (Must be very detailed and a minimum of 6 sentances with an exception of a character having memory loss but please dont make every character with memory loss)
Mount: (Only one not everyone has to have one)
Pet: (Optional)
Picture: (Optional)

Creature Creation Bio
Species Name:
Mixture of What Normal Animals:
Where Territory Do They Originate From:
Mount or Pet:
Description: (REALLY deatialed if possible)
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Character & Creature Creation Sign-Up Forms
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