Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions

Be careful not to follow a 'Fatal Attraction'.
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 Lei-Rion Raze

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Lei-Rion Raze
Lei-Rion Raze
Human/Elf - Her mother was an elf and her father was human.
None, she is neither for or against anyone. the only one she's aginst is the Kingdom.
Rion stands at the hight of 5'4" with a lean agile frame. Her skin is white but tan, and her hair is a golden blonde with light brown streaks through it. With her hair cut in layers the longest layer of her hair stops just after the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her faical features are sharp but still with a soft look to it giving her the perfect appearance for an Outlaw. Her eyebrows are thin and her eyelashes are dark and long, making her blue green eyes a striking feature. Her upper body is well developed and her muscles are lean but as hard as rock. Her body in all is well proportioned and the only thing she lacks is fat. One look at her and you know that she has lived as hard life and has made the best of it. She has a long scar down her back from where one the Royal Guards she killed sliced her with his sword. Her wardrobe is nice despite being in her current position. One of her mothers best friends is a tanner and makes leather clothing, saddles, ect. Her two main outfits are har brown hunting and raiding outfit doesn't cover alot of skin (she wearing it in the picture) and a black leather outfit with cloth under garments.
Rion is what you would call a wildcat. Raised on the outskirts of the Kingdom by her father she became just that. She can be as coy and flirtatious as a fox, or she can be as feirce and vicious as a wolverine. What she lacks in strength she makes up in agility, intellegence and speed. As for stamina she could run for miles and not tire. Be careful not to fall for her cause she is always on the move, if you do you had better be able to keep up or else your heart will be broken.
Raise by her father in the woodlands in the outskirts of the Kingdom, Rion lived a harsh life. At the age of five she could shoot and kill and animal with a bow and then bring it hom e and cook it up for dinner. Her father tought her how to hunt, track, fight, and much more. Her mother was never in the picture but was never forgotten. She died giving birth to Rion so sadly she never knew her mother. When she 16 a group of bandits came and raided her home, when they saw her they wished to take her captive. Her father however didn't want that life for her. When they came to take her with them her father fought valiantly to stop them as did Rion. That was the day Rion killed her first human and was concidered a threat and outlaw the Kingdom for the men that she killed were Royal Guards who thought that they could get away with anything. They put a bounty on her head for killing three Royal Guards making her be on the run ever since. From there on she has lived in the forest making a living from trapping, hunting, fishing, and robbing the rich as they past through her parts of the forest.
All are dead. Her mother died in giving birth to her and her father was killed by Royal Guards.
Crave - A large dark brown dark green eyed Timbercat. His paws and half way up his legs are dappled with black fur. She found Crave as a cub and raised him. He can hunt, attack, protect, and do many other things thanks to Rion training him.
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Lei-Rion Raze
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