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 Guide to Literacy

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PostSubject: Guide to Literacy   Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:38 am

So, I gather you, being on this site, have seen the different roleplays. Brilliant observation, if I can say so! In any case, you may have seen certain things. Non-Lit, Semi-Lit, or Lit. Or maybe you haven't, and you're just curious. Even so, I will explain.

Some people aren't the best at roleplaying. Or maybe they just do not want to make their hands cramp up every time they make a post. In any case, Non-Lit, or Non Literate, is their type of roleplaying. Generally, Non-Lit is one sentence/one line replies, with limited descriptors. They do this because they roleplay for the fun of interaction, and don't really care about advancing in writing. This is generally a beginner style, but is also a very good one if you want quick replies for active people. Mostly, no roleplays are labeled specifically as "Non-Lit" which means the roleplay is open to all styles, which means beginners can observe more advanced players while interacting, a good mix. An example is as follows.

Toby walked into the room and sat next to his friend. "Hello," he said.

Let's talk about Semi-Lit. Semi-Lit stands for Semi Literate. This is mostly used by the people who are confident in their abilities. This is the most popular type of roleplaying, as it allows people to give descriptors while not posting novels. This requires good grammar skills, knowledge structure, and more. A lot of roleplays are labeled with this, as they wish for proper interaction between characters, along with plot development, rather than just bland conversation. Most Semi-Lit roleplays require two-three lines (not sentences, lines on your computer.) Here is what to expect.

Toby walked into the room, yawning a little as it was quite early in the day. He brushed some of his brown hair out of his eyes, and then spotted his friend, Justin, sitting at a table eating breakfast. Toby sat down beside him, grabbing a plate as well. "Hey there, Justin," he said, struggling to keep the tired tone out of his voice.

Now the final type of literacy that I will talk about today. Lit is simply Literate, and it is the most "prestigious" type of literacy. Mostly this is for advanced types of roleplayers only, for users that want to make proper interaction, and improve their writing skills at the same time. It is difficult to maintain, but rewards excellent plot twists, character development, and more. Generally, literate is at least a paragraph in length, sometimes multiple paragraphs, and contains advanced vocabulary.

Toby gazed around, a bit apprehensive as he approached the door. He was unsure of himself. He had never been to this place before, so he didn't quite know what to expect. He inhaled deeply, mustering his courage, and twisted the door handle to admit himself entrance. To his relief, he spotted his good friend Justin at one of the tables, by himself, eating food that he had obviously received form the line that was gradually increasing as time went on. Toby took his place in the line, not wanting to be given only cold leftovers, and waited. After a good amount of time, he reached hid destination. After picking up a few pancakes and a side of bacon, he joined Justin at the table. Justin looked up as he arrived, and not wanting to seem rude, Toby raised one hand in greeting after setting his plate down. "Hello there, Justin. How are you today?" He looked at the amount of food on his friends plate, and his brown eyes glinted with amusement. "Can I hazard a guess at hungry?"

These are the types of roleplaying, and they will definitely help you find your proper place in the roleplaying community. I hope this guide helped you on your way to greatness!

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Guide to Literacy
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