Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions

Be careful not to follow a 'Fatal Attraction'.
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 ~ Salamanzard ~ :Mount:

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~ Salamanzard ~ :Mount: Empty
PostSubject: ~ Salamanzard ~ :Mount:   ~ Salamanzard ~ :Mount: I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2012 6:13 pm

~ Salamanzard ~
(Giant Salamander + Giant Lizard)
-{Dweller of the Kamraz Desert}
-Is one of the biggest swiftest obnivores in the Kamraz Desert. This beautiful smooth scaled creature is one of the moust common of mounts used by either the Royals of the Desert or the people who have killed to aquire one. They have the ability to follow a scent for great distances even from one side of the kingdom to the next. One of the greatest weapons on this animal are their whip-like tail and their razor sharp arched teeth. They are concidered the royal animal of the desert, for they will only be with compantions who are 'worthy' of their companionship. If you are seen as weak, unfit, or anything that would make it not want to be your campanion then it will leave you to find a more suitable one. These animals are smart and everyone who knows about them know that they cannot be owned for they are an creature that loves to be concidered as an equal.
- They come in blacks, silvers, dark blues, tanish golds, bronzish, and the exoticly beautiful green. To have seen or to own a green one is extreamly rare, and if you are not surrounded by trustworth bodyguards then your life is as sure as dead.
- Are mounts for Nomads.
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~ Salamanzard ~ :Mount:
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