Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions

Be careful not to follow a 'Fatal Attraction'.
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 ~ Marcon ~ :Pet:

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PostSubject: ~ Marcon ~ :Pet:   ~ Marcon ~ :Pet: I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2012 6:15 pm

~ Marcon ~
(Martin + Falcon)
-{Dweller of all territories}
-Four legged creature with fur and feathered wings. They are the perfect rodent hunter, and bond with only one human. They come in many colors, but most have the normal markings of a martin with the darker color on their backs and the lighter color on their underside.
- Pure black, pure white, pure brown, pure cream, black and white, black and grey, black and tan, brown and white, brown and cream, brown and tan.
- Are mainly found in the forests and plains where most rodents are most abundant.
-If there is no meat then they will eat berries.
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~ Marcon ~ :Pet:
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