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 Very important.

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Very important. Empty
PostSubject: Very important.   Very important. I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 28, 2012 6:55 am

I just got the date.

You see I have extreemly high iron and my niece Can't keep it in her system.

So every year I get taken off my meds for several months and give her a blood transfusion. Lowering my Iron to a safe high for me. And upping her iron to ware it stays in her system for a while. My niece is I think 6 now not sure.

Any way. Last year when I gave her my blood I was a bit too low and it dropped mine down to a level that wasn't safe for me. I had to get Supplements and shots to bring it up. Also hers dropped low really fast last year. Causing this whole problem.

So this year I got the date that we will do the blood switch in August I might not be one the whole month because I might have to stay in the hospital.

If this should happen the mods are in charge. Hopefully I will be able to pop in and out.

Thank you.

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Very important.
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