Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions

Be careful not to follow a 'Fatal Attraction'.
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 Maya Vong....

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Character Bio
Name: Maya Vong
Nickname: Maya. Sometimes she allows to be called May.
Gender: Female
Age: Looks to be about 20
Race: Elf
Alliance: The Kingdom
Rank: Simple soldier
Description: She has long black hair she usually keeps up in a bun. Her skin is fair, like it is for most elves. Her eyes are a very soft green that stands out against the paleness of her skin. She has a simple heart shaped face, that always has a stern expression on it. She is well build. She is not super skinny, broad shoulders with rather large-ish hips. Always stands up straight, like she is always proud. Because of the new battle in the kingdom, her soft face now has a few scars.
Personality: She is stern. She doesn't believe much in having fun, and only in serving her kingdom. She follows orders to the mark. She isn't usually one to disappoint a high ranking officer. However she does have a bit of a rebellious side and sometimes does stray from the law to get things done. Isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.
History: She came from a wealthy family. She had everything she wanted as a child but that never really seemed good enough. Not saying she was spoiled, but nothing her parents bought made her love them. She never wanted what her family wanted of her. Mostly out of spite for her family, she joined the kingdom's soldiers.
Family: She has her mother and her father back home. However, she was an only child, so no siblings to play with.
Mount: She doesn't own one.
Pet: Same, doesn't own one.
Other: She can be rather good with animals, but doesn't own any herself because she finds them too messy.
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Maya Vong....
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