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Fatal Attractions

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 James Hamilton

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Character Bio
Name: James Hamilton
Nickname: James
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Race: Desert Nomad
Alliance: Neutral
Rank: Bounty Hunter
Description: He is very tanned and well built. His face is broad, giving him a handsome looking face. he has dark brown muddy eyes and shabby brown hair he often wears almost covering his eyes. He often gets too lazy or too busy to shave so he is often found with a stubble. He often is hunched over or just plan acting like he doesn't care. He has a crooked smile that only lifts half his mouth.
Personality: He is very laid back. He doesn't care much for work, but he knows he has to work to to survive. He is a fun loving guy with a fun loving personality. It's hard to hate him.
History: He grew up with the nomads, adopted into a very nice family. They died when he turned 17, leaving him to look after his adopted sister, who was 10 years old at the time. They both stayed with the nomads, calling the entire tribe their family. He remembers what happens to his family before but he hates to talk about it. He always feels like it is his fault the house caught on fire and burned them. Even though he was outside playing with his friends at the time.
Family: Suzan, his little adopted sister.
Mount: Salamanzard
Pet: none
Other: The Salamanzard left his owner from before and looked for a new one. It found James and started to test him for his worthiness. However, the animal still has not made up it's mind.
Picture: James Hamilton Cmel1b

"You should know not to force Britain into nudity"
- Hetalia

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James Hamilton
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