Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions

Be careful not to follow a 'Fatal Attraction'.
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 ~Alive~ by ❤Fatal☠Lover❤

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Post~Alive~ by ❤Fatal☠Lover❤


Verse 1
My eyes open but everything is just blur,
My lungs breath but is it really air?
Is my heart beating, how can one be sure,
If would be dieing, would I really care?

Am I alive,
does my life really have a meaning.
I am just a hollow shell, make me feel,
adjust my very being.

Verse 2
Am I just a puppet for you amusement,
Is this all I really am to you.
This is bruising me, breaking me, and making me bent,
I wana get up, get up and run away
I wana get up, get up and run to you.
Make me ALIVE !


Verse 3

Breath your word into me,
Bring my soul to life.
Make my heart beat,
Open up my eyes so they can see the light.

Chorus 2 (2x)I wana get up, get up and run to you,
I can't live in this life of pain.
Hold me in your arms and tell me none of this is true,
Break away my chains and bring me to life.
Make me ALIVE !

Written by me of course.
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~Alive~ by ❤Fatal☠Lover❤

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