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Fatal Attractions

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 ~Shards of Glass~ by ❤Fatal☠Lover❤

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~Shards of Glass~ by ❤Fatal☠Lover❤ Empty
Post~Shards of Glass~ by ❤Fatal☠Lover❤

~Shards of Glass~

Verse 1
The fragile heart of glass
that beats so rapidly inside of my chest
is broken from
all the p
ain you put me through.
Piece by piece you tear me apart
I'll end up searching for myself all life long.

These shards of glass are
cutting me into pieces.
These shards of glass are
ripping me to shreds.
I am bleeding from within,
and my limbs are cold.
All of this is from the heart
that you broke into shards of glass.

Verse 2
My breath fogs up the mirror
as I try to mend my broken heart of glass.
Can't you see what you've done to me,
I'm broken beyond repair., or at least I thought.
That was untill someone new came into me.
He healed my broken heart.
and he made me brand new.

Chorus 2
These shards of glass are
mending back together .
These shards of glass are
healing back into their rightful place.
I am no longer bleeding from within.
The warmth of your arms my heart embraces
no longer feeling the frozeness.

Verse 3
This new life that you have given me
is one that I won't let go of.
The beating heart that you have mended
is yours and yours alone.
The day that we meet face to face
shall be the day all of my suffering
will disappear.

Written by me of course.

This is one of those odd songs that isn't supposed to rhyme. Its a bummer I can't sing it for you, cause its one of my best pieces yet.
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~Shards of Glass~ by ❤Fatal☠Lover❤ :: Comments

Wow... that's awesome. Very Happy
Thanx Smile

~Shards of Glass~ by ❤Fatal☠Lover❤

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