Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions

Be careful not to follow a 'Fatal Attraction'.
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 poem by me Wolf H. Howling

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poem by me Wolf H. Howling Empty
Postpoem by me Wolf H. Howling

Silent is the night.
Wolf H. Howling

Oh I am the dark, as evil and vile as sin
My heart is damned and can not win
Oh glory on high is lost to me
Oh as true as the ancestral sea

Call out my name and know it is with your last Breath.
Call out my hand and know you summon death.
Make a contract with me signed with bloody hand
Your soul is mine, is ware you stand

Oh i walk in the Valley of shadow and pain
Dangling your hearts chain.
Bound to me, a heart that feels no pain.
Nor can suffer in the Rain.

As i walk you cry for my blackened wing
Of angels and me you sing.
Do not shed those tears for me, for i need them not.
I should cry for the fragile heart you got.

A rose as red as i am true
A sky that's royal blue
Why do you hold my evil hand, and smile up at me.
You should try and run, to flee

Yet you cry when i am hurt and torn.
You hold me when i am tired and worn.
Yell out those words, and hear my braking heart of stone.
You cry at me I don't want to die alone.

When i am the soul snatcher.
The good deed slasher.
I am the crusher or hearts and bones
the collector of loans.

I am what i am, and yet why do i feel?
Why is it my heart i can not heal?
why when you cry my motives turn to dust?
and my evil nature turns to rust?

Night is quiet and time for me to think, of what must be done.
Ether by Evil or by Good a soul must be won.
Am i the one to go against what i am, and win.
Or is my kind made from steel and tin.

The day has dawned what i must do.
For this is a dark day for you.
As the sun sets on your final day
the suns final lights midnight ray.

My fellows know I am now weak.
Oh how do those man reek.
I have made up my mind and so the day is now done.
The evil gone and run.

I can not stand my own kind.
Have i lost my mind?
As i give you a rose, and torn pieces of our pact.
I get down on one knee to preform the act.

My wings, are now feathered black as an Angels wing.
My voice with them I know can sing.
My Sword is straight and true.
And all for the love for you.

As you whisper in my ear your answer.
worry no longer eating me like cancer.
For i now your Guardian fair your demon who has ascended into heaven grace.
For i will meat you my bride, you in your white lace.

Oh how I love you, here a white rose.
You ask how as I kiss your nose.
How did i become an angel fair.
I kiss you and say oh my sweet so Fair.
Love is yelled from ones heart, but for a demon it whispers it faintly.
And so we never hear, but when you stop to listen,
oh how silent is the night.

take that Yoda

Morgan burst out with laughter " there is nothing little about me."

Gage grinned " In invite Mars and Pluto cant leave out any of the Stars either. And the moon gotta have the moon."
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poem by me Wolf H. Howling :: Comments

I <3 this poem Smile
Re: poem by me Wolf H. Howling
Post on Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:18 am  WolfHhowling
Re: poem by me Wolf H. Howling
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poem by me Wolf H. Howling

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