Fatal Attractions

Fatal Attractions

Be careful not to follow a 'Fatal Attraction'.
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 poem by me Wolf H. Howling another one lol

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poem by me Wolf H. Howling another one lol Empty
Postpoem by me Wolf H. Howling another one lol


I want your breath
for i am death
I want and i need your mortal soul for it is my job
Life from you i have to rob.
Wings as black as night i have, and skeletal hand
For heave said i ruled the land
A cloak i ware and i hold my scythe high
I hold your hour glass and that's no lie
Men and woman fear me, so they run and hide.
But i will find them as sure as the tide.
I find great sadness in what i have to do.
You see i am cursed too.
For i am thing you fear most, and all of the angles at me cursed.
I must do this to the end of time but that's not the worst.
They see me as a vile monster, a true horrible sight.
Something made from dark not light.
The only thing that makes me happy, and yet very sad.
is when i have to take a child whose glad.
When i come for them, they walk up and simply take my hand.
Not afraid of me who rules the land.
they smile up at me oh so bright, for they don't see me like you do.
They see a handsome face, and white wings too.
My scythe to them is a simple walking stick.
My cloak bright and cheery, its not a trick.
For they see a angle mad from flesh not just bone.
Right up until there fully grown.
They see me for who i was, not a dark creature mad of bone, and hate.
But that's what you see because it is my fate.
When i give you to heaven on high.
You run from me and scream kill the lie.
I am the lie you speak of, the monster you hate.
women are the same as man there mate.
But when i take a child to give them to heaven fair.
They beg me to take them to the stair.
I go with, and they hug me tight.
before i have to go back to the night.
and so you see i can not wait for the end of time.
For my destiny is right her in rhyme.
when the end of man comes i too must die.
Only then to heaven i can fly.
My wings will turn to heavens white.
The world will see me in child's sight.
And i will become the children's Angle, to play with them for the rest of eternity.
Until that day I am Death and i send you this plea
might i not walk alone just this once for me?
I don't want the world to end just now, so please a friend for me?
Some one one who will walk to the sea?
Heaven on high oh how it cry, grants thy wish, dream.
But what they said makes me want to scream.
They said I must wait for some one to choose to stay with me.
So please I plea, hold my hand and stay with me.
I don't want to be alone.

This one was bought by my friend too, its going for a short story.

take that Yoda

Morgan burst out with laughter " there is nothing little about me."

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poem by me Wolf H. Howling another one lol :: Comments

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poem by me Wolf H. Howling another one lol

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