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Fatal Attractions

Be careful not to follow a 'Fatal Attraction'.
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 ~ Tigrose ~ :Mount:

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~ Tigrose ~ :Mount: Empty
PostSubject: ~ Tigrose ~ :Mount:   ~ Tigrose ~ :Mount: I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2012 6:09 pm

~ Tigrose ~
(Horse + Tiger)
-{Dweller of the Ellyllon Forest}
-The Tigrose is the stealthy mount of the forest. With black striped and paws and claws that don't sound like thunder when running these beats are perfect for hunting and riding with in the forest. They are a big smaller than the Horion but they are related in a way. They stand normally at the hight of 14 hands and can get as big as 18 hands. The males are bigger than the female but the females are feircer fighters/hunters after they've cubbed. They have razor sharp teeth and long curved claws, a cunning mind and are usually the mounts of the elves that live in Ellyllon Forest. There are very few outside of Ellyllon Forest who use these animals as mounts. They are at their peak of performance when in the forests and its hard to get on to leave the forest.
- They are usually have a russet undercoat with black striped, but some are grey, white, brown, with stripes. The rarest are the pure black ones where the striped are barley visible due to black and black.
- Are mounts for Elves.
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~ Tigrose ~ :Mount:
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