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Fatal Attractions

Be careful not to follow a 'Fatal Attraction'.
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 ~ Horion ~ :Mount:

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~ Horion ~ :Mount: Empty
PostSubject: ~ Horion ~ :Mount:   ~ Horion ~ :Mount: I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 30, 2012 6:12 pm

~ Horion ~
(Horse + Lion)
-{Dweller of the Havarna Plains}
-The Horion is a magnificent beast of the plains. They stand normally at the hight of 16 hands and can get as big and 21 hands. The males have long thick manes. With its sharp razor teeth and rock hard paws with long curved talons this animal is the perfect mount for someone of a very high stature. Due to the hazardous and back breaking work of taming and training these beasts they are never seen among the commoners due to their price. They are most commonly found among the Royal Family, only the white and blacks was cause of the rare color. Those of a different color are used by the Royal Guards and Royal Messengers. Their speed and agility in great and surpasses many.
-They come is a wide range of natural colors. The whites and blacks however are very rare. They are most commonly found with a golden coat color.
-The Royal Family rides on the the black and white horions. The Royal Guards only have the golden reddish colored Horions and the Royal Messengers ride the blue and silver roan colored horions. For anyone else to have these colored Horions it is punishable by imprisionment and the confiscation of the Horion. Anyone can ride a paint colored Horion
- Are mounts for Zion Elves, Elves, and Humans, few are Nomads.
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~ Horion ~ :Mount:
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